Prudential introduces Pulse

13 May 2019 / 11:12 H.

PRUDENTIAL Malaysia has introduced “Pulse”, a all-in-one app, and the first of its kind to offer Articifical Intelligence-powered health information.

Prudential Corporation Asia chief executive Nic Nicandrou said Pulse empowers people to take control of their health and wellbeing, anytime, anywhere.

“We want the users of Pulse to enjoy innovative offerings, from global and local providers, of health and wellness services. We believe that the convergence of mobile technology and medicine, can be a game-changer in the way people manage their health, and wellbeing,” he said.

He added that Malaysia is the first market to introduce the app, as the country has a particularly high mobile penetration and smartphone usage rates, making mobile apps an ideal way to reach consumers, especially on matters relating to health and wellness.

“Indeed, today in Malaysia, some 71% of health-related searches happen on a mobile, while 23% of app downloads are health- and fitness-related,” he said.

Prudential Assurance Malaysia Bhd CEO Gan Leong Hin said as a health and protection insurance provider, the company views technology as the key to deliver their vision of enabling all Malaysians to take control of their health.

He said Pulse is aligned with Prudential’s ambition and the Malaysian government’s efforts to make healthcare more affordable and accessible to Malaysians.

“Pulse marks a transformation in our role from pure protection to partnering with customers on how to improve and preserve their health.

“I would like to welcome our partners - Babylon, DoctorOnCall and AIME. All our partners have an established track record in their field and share our customer-centric approach in delivering quality products and experiences,” Gan said in his speech.

Pulse is the first app from an insurer in Asia, offering holistic health management to consumers across the region. Pulse users will be able to access the best of Prudential’s services, with complementary offerings from its partners.

The services on offer cover Symptom Checker and Health Check powered by Babylon, online consultation powered by DoctorOnCall, and Dengue Tracker powered by AIME.

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