Romantic rendezvous

Go on a shopping spree and take in the sights and heritage in Macao with a loved one

04 Dec 2019 / 14:22 H.

A marriage of old intertwined with new, Macao is not only steeped in history and tradition but boasts ubiquitous vibrant city sights and a luxuriant shopping paradise.

The iconic historic landmarks, magnificent structures and numerous Unesco Heritage Sites encompassing dilapidated ruins and awe-inspiring architectural legacies like temples, churches and fortresses are an ideal backdrop for quintessential romantic photo opportunities and videos.

Below are some of the amazing sites and shopping areas to visit on a romantic escapade.

Ruins of St. Paul’s

Romantic rendezvous

No trip is complete without a visit to Macao’s most iconic landmark, the Ruins of St. Paul’s which continues to captivate visitors, centuries after it was originally constructed.

Located in the heart of the city, this church was built in the early 17th century but burned down in 1835, and all that remains is the beautiful granite façade and a grand staircase of 68 stone steps leading up to it.

Visitors flock here all year round to take photos, especially wedding shots, of its amazing architecture.

Mount Fortress

Romantic rendezvous

One of the most romantic spots, Mount Fortress affords a breathtaking 360-degree view of the city and is a vision of grandeur. Catch the beautiful sunset as you view the bustling city, in its true and most raw landscape from the old to the present, drift by.

The Parisian Macao

Romantic rendezvous

To recreate romance the French way, head to the Parisian Macao, the site of the famous landmark, the Parisian Macao Eiffel Tower.

Despite it being constructed to half the scale of the real thing at 162m high, it still evokes a like magnificence, incorporating artistic and romantic elements.

Enjoy a picturesque bird’s eye view of the city from two observation decks and be mesmerised by the illuminations at dusk as the tower lights up.

Take in the splendour of the city’s skyline as you are serenaded by melodious music amplified around the grounds.

Love Lock Bridge at The Parisian Macao

Romantic rendezvous

Want to pledge your undying love for eternity, make your way to the Love Lock Bridge, just like the one in Paris. Pick out a lock at the Eiffel Tower Souvenir Shop, write your vows, and padlock it at the chain link fence to symbolise your love.

A truly memorable experience!

QiYuan Qi Pao Rental

Romantic rendezvous

Create special and unique memories in Chinese traditional wear at QiYuan Qi Pao Rental. A quaint little place equipped with a variety of designs and sizes including accessories and hair-do, it’s worth the pit stop if you’re into decking up in traditional attire for photo shoots and videos.

Sir Robert Ho Tung Library

Romantic rendezvous

Sir Robert Ho Tung Library is a public library located at the historic St. Augustine’s Square. It is the largest public library in Macao. Take a stroll on the cobblestone pavement and enjoy the tranquility of its surroundings.

Observation deck of Taipa Grande Hill

Romantic rendezvous

Experience the charm and capture the attractive greenery overlooking the beautiful lake that is situated in Taipa on camera. It is also walking distance to Taipa Houses and the inclined elevator to reach the hill.

Take a casual stroll in the garden and smell the sweet aroma of flowers. Picture perfect!

Senado Square

Romantic rendezvous

Take a leisurely stroll down the historic path of Senado Square and discover the splendid blend of Chinese and Portuguese cultural traits.

Paved with cobblestones and surrounded by neo-classical buildings, it creates a harmonious Mediterranean atmosphere.

Explore the scenic sights, shop and bookend your jaunt at the quaint little eateries aligned harmoniously along the pavements.

Fook9 on Rua da Felicidade

Romantic rendezvous

If you’re looking for a place that is off the beaten path, Rua da Felicidade should be on your list. Oozing with nostalgia, this unique alley is lined with quaint little shops framed with omnipresent green and bright red doors, reminiscent of time past.

Bring out the writer in you and pen down a lovely message on locally-designed postcards for your loved one at Fook9, a shop on Rua da Felicidade.

There are also beautiful personally-crafted souvenirs to pick out from. Makes a great destination for photo opportunities and videos, the same street where the movie Indiana Jones was filmed.

Souvenir Shops

Romantic rendezvous

Macao is a shopper’s delight that offers almost anything, from luxury items to furniture and antiques, clothing, jewellery, handcraft and souvenirs.

Stop by O-Moon, a souvenir gift shop selling unique trinkets. Named after the homonym of Macao in Cantonese, this little shop houses a wide range of souvenirs and gifts.

Or visit CooL-ThingzZ PortugueseSpot on Taipa Village for a wide range of healthy green skincare products, honey, jam, wine, spices and handicraft.

Eat, shop and sightsee with your loved one and take home memories aplenty!

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