Seiko 5 Sports 55th anniversary Ultraseven Limited Edition

Seiko 5 Sports is pleased to introduce a collaboration model with Ultraseven, which marks the 55th anniversary of its broadcast. Based on a design that pays homage to the first Seiko 5 Sports watch, the colouring and design evoke the Ultra Guard that appears in the film. This anniversary model has “the official instruments of the Ultra Guard” as its theme and captures this unique worldview in every detail.


An alien of justice that visited Earth from Nebula M78, Land of Light Ultraseven was deeply touched by the act of self-sacrifice of a young earthling who was so considerate of others and gave his life to save his friend, thus Ultraseven decided to stay and fight to defend this wonderful planet and life that lives on from alien invaders.


The metallic texture of the dial and the design of the bezel are special specifications that follow the design of the original Seiko 5 Sports watch. By incorporating the colouring and capturing the worldview of the Ultra Guard into the watch, the timepiece is presented as if it were an official tool used by the Ultra Guard.

The strap is made of nylon material. It is specially designed with the Ultra Guard’s uniform colours and is marked with the words “Terrestrial Defense Force”.

$!Seiko 5 Sports 55th anniversary Ultraseven Limited Edition

Case Back

As a special feature of the collaboration model, the case back is marked with “Limited Edition” and a serial number, and the glass is marked with a silhouette of Ultraseven.

Special Box

To commemorate the collaboration, the watch is enclosed in a special stainless steel material box with the Ultra Guard logo.

The Seiko 5 Sports Ultraseven Limited Edition will be available as a limited edition of 3,400 at the Seiko Boutiques and selected retail partners worldwide in January 2023.

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