Simone Ashley lands Bridgerton Season 2 lead role with meaningful surname

18 Feb 2021 / 16:26 H.

Dear members of the ton, actress Simone Ashley will be joining the cast of Bridgerton in Season 2!

Simone Ashley will be playing the character named Kate Sharma (known as Kate Sheffield in the books) who is Anthony’s love interest too.

Simone Ashley lands Bridgerton Season 2 lead role with meaningful surname

Bridgerton Season 2 will be based on Book Two of the series, The Viscount Who Loved Me, which revolves around the elusive bachelor Anthony (the eldest Bridgerton) in his search for true love.

Fans who have read the books will know that Kate brought Anthony lots of joy and love in his life.

This makes the revelation of the meaning of the character’s new surname even more meaningful.

According to a tweet by @beylioness, the name Sharma in Brahmin Hindu means joyfulness and comfort. It’s a beautiful surname for the character who will change Anthony’s life and bring him much comfort.

Also, casting Simone Ashley as Kate Sharma is a huge representation for Desi and Southeast Asian people alike.

For those who have an issue with the name change, many fans have pointed out that Kate’s character is more than a name and the original surname (Sheffield) holds zero significance in the books. The name change is not only beautiful but doesn’t affect the storyline at all.

Nevertheless, this amazing news makes Bridgerton Season 2 ever more exciting. Can’t wait to see Simone Ashley don the beautiful costumes.

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