Sleep well with AirFit

02 Oct 2020 / 17:17 H.

A good sleep makes an immense difference in our outlook of the day when we wake up. One way to quickly ensure you have a good night’s rest is to have a good mattress to provide good back support which will help to prevent back pains.

If getting a new mattress is out of the question, Bgreen’s AirFit Zero Gravity Breathable Padding can help you earn a good night’s sleep.

Don’t be fooled by the thinness of the mattress padding. The AirFit padding is made using 3D High Tech V-shaped structure fibres based on Japanese technology. These resilient fibres act as supporting hands to hold up your body and protect your spine while you toss and turn at night.

Sleep well with AirFit

As such, the elasticity of the padding also means it can be used to layer the old mattress to smoothen out sagging spots. The strong fibres and its 3D structure is designed to evenly distribute your body weight which in turn lessens the strains put on the body when you’re lying down to sleep.

The unique 3D structural design of the fibres also ensures complete breathability and airflow to keep you cool and comfortable during bedtime. And that’s not just it. The outer layer of the pad that’s made out of Nano Mica Cool Fibre absorbs moisture and dissipates heat, promising a cool, comfortable and dreamy sleep.

Together, all of its breathable characteristics mean the AirFit padding is easy to clean, machine washable and can be dried under the sunlight to keep dust mites and bacteria away. Most importantly, the AirFit padding has been tested repeatedly to ensure high durability and will maintain its shape for a long time.

Perfect in our humid weather, the AirFit Zero Gravity Breathable Padding is available in three sizes namely Super Single, Queen and King. No matter the size of your beds, there’s an AirFit just for you.



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