Spider-Man: No Way Home premieres in December 2021

25 Feb 2021 / 13:22 H.

Spider-Man 3 is officially titled Spider-Man: No Way Home and not Spider-Man: Work From Home.

Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment have released a funny teaser reveal featuring Tom Holland, Zendaya and Jacob Batalon (check video above).

The video starts with Tom Holland exiting director Jon Watts office wondering why he was given the wrong title for the film. His co-stars pointed out that he did leak some information about the previous film.

Eagle-eyed fans will also realize the whiteboard behind the trio are potential titles brainstormed for the movie. Titles such as Spider-Man: Homewrecker, Spider-Man: Phone Home and Spider-Man: Home Slice are some of the hilarious contenders.

Not much is known about the plot for the upcoming movie as of now but it’s sure to be one of the most interesting projects in MCU Phase 4.

What we have so far are some stills from production so everyone’s guess is as good as it gets!

Check out the gallery below.

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