Suffering from hair loss?

Unleash your full follicular glory with herbal remedies to prevent hair loss

17 Jul 2020 / 14:12 H.

ONE of the times we feel good about ourselves is when we know we look good. We instantly stand taller and feel happier when we dress well and eat well. However, one thing we can’t seem to control is our hair fall. Some of us are losing more hair as we age, and that can result in rising insecurity about our looks.

Suffering from hair loss?

Fortunately, there are natural remedies to help with hair loss recovery and regain your confidence. At Neeta’s Herbal, founder Nita Gosalia has tried every viable treatment techniques and found that herbal remedies work better.

The dedicated professionals at Neeta’s Herbal combine the use of modern technology with ayurvedic medicine to help return your glorious locks of hair. The treatments are kind to the body because the natural and non-synthetic ingredients used to nurture and strengthen the hair will not cause any side effects. As such, those with a sensitive scalp need not worry about skin reaction throughout the treatment process.

Suffering from hair loss?

After 33 years in the business, Neeta’s Herbal has become a one-stop centre to care for all your hair and skin needs. Other than hair care, they also take care of skin problems such as acne, blackheads, whiteheads, scarring, wrinkles, under-eye dark circles and pigmentation.

Neeta’s Herbal is a great place to be if you just need help to maintain a healthy scalp too. If you’re still worried about your looks, customised hair wigs and extensions are available at the centre so that you’ll look your best.

Suffering from hair loss?

To get fabulous and healthy hair today, visit Neeta’s Herbal Remedy Sdn. Bhd at their Bangsar Baru main branch or call (03-2282 8868), New Branch in Johor Bahru (07-5353 588) (60126384823), Damansara Utama (03-7728 6751) or Klang (03- 33181412).

For more information check out their website HERE

Your journey to great hair begins!

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