The matching game

Be together as one but also as individuals

07 Feb 2020 / 15:02 H.

Valentine’s Day isn’t for every couple. However, it’s still a thoughtful gesture to get something special for your loved one on this day. With this list, you’ll be able to narrow down gift ideas the both of you can enjoy together.


The matching game

Him and her watches are a sweet reminder that you will be together until the end of time. The watches could be the same colour or design to symbolize closeness. However, couples can still retain their own individuality because watches can differ in sizes.


The matching game

Matching t-shirts can be fun for couples because it’s something they can wear together. The shirts can come with identical graphics or sweet sayings to each other. Getting a t-shirt is also much more practical.


The matching game

For something more personal, getting matching keychains is a good option. Not only can couples keep their keys in order, but they also have a small gift to remember each other wherever they go.

Tumblers or mugs

The matching game

Couples looking for something understated can get similar tumblers so they can bring it to work or to school. Love may be blind but dehydration is not. Remember to get a good quality tumbler so it’ll last for a long time.

Matching mugs are another option if couples aren’t keen to get tumblers. On special occasions, couples can whip out the mugs and enjoy their favourite beverage together. Even if these mugs aren’t used for drinking, it can be used as a pen or makeup brush holders.


The matching game

Long-distance couples can get matching pillowcases featuring adorable caricatures. This way they have something to remind them of their loved one even when they are apart. It’s also easily folded which makes it easy to pack and carry around.

Phone cases

The matching game

Our smartphones are with us all the time so getting matching phone cases is another popular idea. If both of them do not use the same phone, they can still get customized ones online.

Toy figurines or soft toys

The matching game

The great thing about getting toy figurines or soft toys is that they do not have to match. It can be a figurine or a soft toy from an anime or a movie that the couple love to watch together.

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