Tiger Crystal, a cool new brew

08 Aug 2019 / 21:14 H.

FILTERED at a crystal-cold -1°C, the new Tiger Crystal is a refreshing new brew you can now enjoy.

Brewed with light-stable hops, the golden pale liquid of Tiger Crystal is beautifully bottled in clear, lustrous glass. When combined with the -1°C filtration system – the result you get is Tiger Crystal – a refreshing, crisp lager with lower bitterness.

The official launch of the beer at The Square Publika, Kuala Lumpur on Thursday saw guests experience the easy-to-drink, ultra-refreshing, and less bitter beer, perfect for fueling memorable occasions.

Live music served as entertainment for the evening, along with a variety of food vendors including Tiger Uncage Street Food heroes Bacon It and Kent Lee’s signature siu yuk.

Guests also got to don winter jackets and walk through KL’s Coolest Bar, a specially constructed cold room with temperatures set to sub-zero, while savouring the new brew from Tiger.

According to Tiger Beer marketing manager Pearly Lim: “Tiger Crystal is a very exciting new brew, providing ultimate refreshment for Malaysian drinkers who want to beat the heat. It’s crisp, easy-to-drink, and very sessionable – something we know Malaysian consumers are looking for.

“It’s been a hitmaker all across Asia, and now it’s time to bring it back here to Malaysia.”

For a sessionable good time, gather some friends to try the new Tiger Crystal, now available in bars, clubs, coffee shops, food courts, convenience stores, and supermarkets.

Tiger Crystal is for non-Muslims aged 21 and above.

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