Enjoy a worry-free vacation with Holiday Tours’ Travel Safety Promise

Travel with your peace of mind assured

As we move into an endemic phase with borders reopening, many of us are keen to enjoy the thrills of travelling once again — be it experiencing the joys of exploring foreign places, discovering new sights, or travelling 20,000 ft up in the air.

Travel enthusiasts need to arm themselves with the proper knowledge when it comes to travel planning. We should be learning new ways to navigate travel in a post-pandemic world and travel safely and confidently.

Holiday Tours, a travel management company that creates one-of-a-kind travel experiences, aims to put your mind at ease.

$!Travel with your peace of mind assured

Travel safely

Holiday Tours’ Travel Safety Promise is a comprehensive suite of services to safeguard your well-being, not just a catchphrase and logo.

Whether it is pre-trip planning, during your trip or even post-trip, the company will guide you every step of the way so you can travel with peace of mind.

Assurances, arrangements and alerts

Holiday Tours specialises in managing all the behind-the-scenes trip requirements so that you can focus on enjoying your holiday. This includes medical and security risks, travel preparations, monitoring, health screenings, evacuation procedures and more.

Holiday Tours also works with International SOS, the world’s leading health and security risk services company, to customise preventive programmes while considering your destinations and dates. This is so that you would have minimal disruption on your travel plans, but at the same time designed to prioritise your health and safety.

Keeping up with the times

One of the key challenges right now is just staying up to date. With Holiday Tours, you’ll have real-time information on Covid-19 testing procedures, quarantine measures, documentation, and other travel requirements worldwide.

Having experienced the upheaval brought on by Covid-19, you can be sure that there are new frameworks to anticipate similar outbreaks and more with lessons learnt. From natural disasters to political conflicts, the risks will be managed accordingly to maximise your safety.

Always prepared

Should you need to travel for business, Holiday Tours can assist in defining a business continuity plan to mitigate untoward circumstances. And even when you’ve arrived safely at your destination, you can be sure they’re still monitoring your situation to provide alerts and assistance in case of emergencies.

In extreme scenarios and should insurance be involved, you can also rest assured that there is comprehensive coverage available – for Covid-19 cases, 24/7 worldwide travel assistance, baggage delays, medical expenses, security evacuations and more.

The Holiday Tours Travel Safety Promise was born out of a collaboration with the Travel Safe Malaysia program by the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents, better known as MATTA.

Under this programme, partners are audited to ensure stringent health, safety and hygiene procedures are in place. These procedures are also aligned with globally recognised best practices and preventive measures, set up for safer business environments during and after the pandemic.

Your safety is always the top priority. For more information, visit https://www.holidaytourstravel.com/travel-safety-promise/ to contact a Travel Advisor and book your next trip with Holiday Tours.

$!Travel with your peace of mind assured