Watsons brings cheer to 30 welfare homes

09 May 2019 / 16:43 H.

WATSONS Malaysia has made contributions amounting to RM100,000 worth of Watsons brand products to 30 welfare homes through its Hari Raya CSR campaign - “Ada Hati Raya Menjadi-jadi”.

The campaigns aims to remind Malaysians to be thoughtful and caring towards the less fortunate during the festive season.

Watsons Malaysia managing director Caryn Loh said giving back to society has always been a part of the Watsons culture.

“We hope this campaign will help spread the word to our loyal Watsons customers too, where we hope they can perform random acts of kindness. At Watsons we advocate our customers to ‘Look Good, Feel Great’ and feeling great does not refer to the material things that we possess but rather an emotionally fulfilling experience for you and your loved ones,” said Loh.

The caretakers of two homes who received contributions from Watsons, said the donations brought much cheer to the children, especially with the festive season approaching.

Rohana of Pertubuhan Rumah Kasih Harmoni, said the health, personal, and skincare products were much needed by the children, especially with Raya approaching.

“It is important during the preparation for Raya, for individuals or companies to take the children from our home for some shopping, so they won’t feel left out and alone. For many of the children were abandoned by their parents. As such, we thank Watsons for the contribution of products, which makes it a real Raya celebration for all,” said Mak Pah of Rumah Titian Kaseh.

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