Warmspace is a social platform that helps users open up and develop deep human connections

A safe place

WARMSPACE is a guided ‘video conversation’ platform that matches you with another person sharing the same interests, and that aims to allow users to experience a deeper connection.

It uses a science-based approach involving music, mindfulness, and psychology to help you open up and be real with the other person so that you can feel completely seen and heard.

When I saw the ad for Warmspace, I decided to see what it was all about. At first, I was a bit hesitant to try it with a complete stranger. After a series of fateful encounters, I decided to try it for the first time, along with a childhood friend.

One of the first things that is different from other video chat platforms is that when you connect to your partner, it does not show you a video of yourself.

By having the whole screen displaying your partner’s face, you get to focus on them and the conversation, instead of being distracted and feeling self-conscious of your own face.

Warmspace has curated relaxing background music that plays throughout the conversation to help both of you open up. Personally, it was a bit distracting for me, so I opted to turn it off.

Before the conversation begins, there is a part for mindfulness practice for the users to feel present and connected. It prompts you to do grounding techniques by closing your eyes and doing a short meditation.

After that, the conversation begins, guided by deep prompts which the users receive through selected questions they can ask each other. Warmspace also gives tips to ensure everyone gets the chance to share and be listened to.

The length of each session varies depending on each unique interaction. On average, sessions are one hour but since it was my childhood friend, we had a lot to talk about, and ended up talking for five hours.

Even though the platform offers a suggested time frame to talk about a question, there is no time limit to each question, and both parties can move on to the next question when they are ready.

In my conversation with my friend, we shared secrets and dove deep into a lot of things. There was crying, laughing, and most importantly, connection.

Even though we were friends in primary school and were in the same secondary school and college, we drifted apart throughout the years.

Being able to talk to her about many things I never thought I would be able to was very cathartic.

Since we had a falling out last time, opening up and talking about the event with her allowed me to see the incident from her point of view.

When we talked about our experiences, we even realised a lot of our stories were connected to each other. It was funny how life felt so perfectly designed.

In the beginning, Warmspace asks you to rate how you are feeling both before the session begins, and after the whole conversation, to see if there is an improvement in your mood.

For me, I was feeling very nervous at first because it was with someone I hadn’t talked to in a long time, but by the end, I rated my mood at 10/10.

Since the pandemic, intimate connection has been scarce, and the only way to communicate is through technology, so having this tool for connection with no judgement allows you to skip the small talk, opening up a therapeutic conversation about what really matters.

Vulnerability is the basis of friendship, and Warmspace is a safe space for people to connect intimately.

I have yet to try it with a stranger from across the globe, but I would definitely recommend Warmspace to anyone who would like to try.