All hail the Queen of soundtracks

19 May 2020 / 12:52 H.

SITI ADIRA SUHAIMI who hails from Ranau, Sabah balances her career as a singer, model, businesswoman and spokesperson.

Dubbed the Queen of Soundtracks in Malaysia, Adira has performed songs for almost two dozen movies and telefilms, including two collaborations with singer Hafiz Suip on theme songs for the films Ombak Rindu and Pilot Cafe. She also sang the song Pujaan Hati for the TV drama series Pujaan Hati Kanda.

She has also dubbed the voices for characters in the Malay-language versions of films such as Spider-Man and The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Adira has also starred in telemovies Lawaknya Akademi Fantasia, Tiara and Tanah Kubur.

During the interview, Afira said she was at home with her family in Kuala Lumpur, and spending more time in the kitchen.

A contestant on season 8 of Akademi Fantasia, Adira remains one of the most successful graduates of the hit reality TV series.

“Tak menang, tak apa (it doesn’t matter if I didn’t win),” she said. “For me this was the first step for me to continue with my struggle to become an artiste.

“I felt it was fate. I am really thankful for what I have achieved to this day, although there are many other dreams I have yet to fulfill. I am not going to stop my career until I do.”

On how she ended up becoming Malaysia’s soundtrack queen, Adira said: “It was not an easy title to achieve ... In fact I am very happy and proud because not everyone can be called that.

“I look at it as good fortune. I will not take it for granted. I really appreciate it.”

Adira herself admires many artistes in the music world who have performed on movie soundtracks.

“One of them is Celine Dion. When she sang on the soundtrack for the film Titanic, it was obvious that she had an unusual talent. She still remains an idol [to me], and her voice has remained the same.”

While Adira has some great solo numbers to her name, she has also worked well with others to deliver spectacular duets.

“Duet partners must share good chemistry and have good communication. They must be open to sharing ideas and discussing them. I feel that not only the singers, but everyone involved in the production must come together.”

Despite recording many songs over her prolific career, Adira says she has no particular favourites.

“To be frank, I can’t pick, because all the songs I have recorded for soundtracks, whether duets or solos, each have their own strengths in terms of lyrics or melodies. Each is special in its own way.”

Adira also hopes to do more voiceover work in the future, so long as time and good health allow. “I will not turn down a good opportunity.”

On her upcoming plans, Adira said: “I am thankful my management is organised, and making sure my career is doing well. After the MCO, InsyaAllah, I will be more active in my career and settle all my career obligations that I had to postpone due to the MCO.

“A million thanks to my fans who have given me so much support from the very beginning of my career.”

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