Chinese national debunks myths about the Wuhan virus that went viral in M'sia

31 Jan 2020 / 16:18 H.

MANY rumors have been circulating about Chinese nationals and their actions over the coronovirus outbreak, causing panic and anxiety among the global population.

Amidst the ruckus however, one Malaysian reached out to a friend from China, to clear the air on the situation. Balqis (@helpmeimskek) posted the conversations she had with her friend, Nico, on twitter, and the post has since went viral.

When asked on rumors of Wuhan citizens leaving their country to spread the virus on purpose, Nico said that most citizens leaving was a normal occurrence due to it being Chinese New Year, and that no one has been able to leave since the city's shutdown.

"No they won't go abroad just on the purpose of 'spreading virus', they won't be so silly, because medical treatment fee is higher and they don't have insurance in foreign countries.

"Trust me, no Chinese wanna die abroad, if they knew they got infected, they would rather to die in hometown. That's our culture," she wrote.

Nico also says that since it can take up to 14 days for the virus to reveal itself, many people left because they felt healthy and didn't know they were infected.

On the issue of wildlife consumption, Balqis told her friend it should be made illegal in China, to which Nico claimed that it already was.

However, upon checking, it should be noted that the consumption of wildlife is not considered illegal, but rather its trade is prohibited. On Jan 26, the Chinese government announced a ban on wild animal trade in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

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