Comedian Jason Leong rebukes Malaysians on ‘unscientific beliefs’

19 Feb 2020 / 08:45 H.

THE role of comedians has evolved from merely telling jokes, to informing the audience. Stand-up legend Dave Chappelle, for instance, puts a hillarious spin in his comedies that highlight the plight of African Americans.

Closer to home, Dr Jason Leong (pix) often takes to Facebook page to urge Malaysians to wean themselves off what he considers unscientific beliefs.

He said it was baffling how Umno supporters continue giving support to leaders which are allegedly corrupt, in a Jan 12, Facebook post.

“Then I see people attend fengshui seminars, quote horoscopes, believe in ghost stories and subscribe to traditional medicine and I stop wondering,” he added.

Following the Covid-19 outbreak, Jason has now trained his sights on “the TCM sinsehs, ayurvedic gurus, bomohs and astrologers”.

“How do they fit in the whole fight against the Wuhan outbreak? Or do they even at all?,” he asked

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