Electric iron hurled out from Wangsa Maju condo, smashes car windshield

06 Feb 2020 / 13:44 H.

WHILE we are careful of where we park our cars, lest we come back to find twigs, leaves or bird droppings scattered on it, no one could have predicted this latest threat from the sky.

The Rizal Hakim Facebook page Tuesday reported an incident where an electric iron had fallen onto a car parked in a condo area, smashing it’s windshield.

According to the page, the incident happened to a resident of a Wangsa Maju condo.

“My house is at block C Section 2 (close to Surau), and I park my car with Alpha Condo at the back. Around 1.45pm, we heard a loud bang and few minutes later, we were shocked to see a huge crack on my car windshield,“ said the man whose car was damaged.

“We were more shocked to see that an iron has landed on it and broke my car’s windshield (photos attached). An eyewitness told me that he saw the iron flying down from the top floors of Alpha Condo (must have been thrown by someone irresponsible).”

Netizens took to the comment section, criticising the actions of the person who threw the iron, and stressing the dangers of such an incident.

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