Engineer takes to social media to highlight plight of underpaid youth

22 Feb 2020 / 12:29 H.

AN engineer has taken to Facebook to highlight the plight of the youth today whose salary increment does not correlate with inflation levels.

Ir Abdul Rahman Bahasa said he overheard a pensioner at an eatery who criticized fresh grads for complaining about not being able to make end meet, although they are getting paid RM3000.

The pensioner had purportedly said: “I’m amazed at these young children nowadays, their salary is already RM3000 yet they complain. Back in the 80’s, I had a salary of RM1500 only, I lived too.

“I managed to buy a terrace house, use a Honda car and also eat at McDonalds.”

“Children nowadays or so spoilt!” the pensioner had allegedly said.

This irked Abdul prompting him to do some research and calculations of his own.

Abdul calculated:

In the 1980s

Salary: RM1,500 per month

One-storey terrace house: RM25,000 (outside of Kuala Lumpur)

Honda Civic: RM13,000

McDonald’s Double cheeseburger: RM2.95

In 2020

Salary: RM3,000 per month

Single storey terrace house: RM280,000 (outside of Kuala Lumpur)

Honda Civic: RM108,000

McDonald’s Double cheeseburger: RM9.45

He also presented how costs have multiplied over time, while salaries have only doubled:

Salary: Increased by 2x

Single storey terrace house: Increased by 11x

Honda Civic: Increased by 8.3x

McDonald’s Double cheeseburger: Increased by 3.2x

Facebook users flooded the comment section to show support for Abdul’s post, which has garnered over 9,400 shares on the social platform.

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