Family of girl eaten by crocodiles to sell off farm

04 Jul 2019 / 11:17 H.

SIEM REAP: Two-year-old Rom Roath Neary was found dead on her family’s crocodile farm in Siem Reap city’s Siem Reap commune after she fell into the enclosure on Sunday.

Her father, 35-year-old Rem Roath, found only her skull after searching for his daughter upon returning home that day.

Roath has decided to sell his farm, which he had overseen for the past five years after his parents left it for him to tend.

“It is my biggest regret in life, to lose my daughter to my own crocodiles that left only her skull behind,” he said.

Despite a low estimated price for the farm, Mr Roath said he was ready to sell and quit his career as a crocodile farmer.

“I have 60 crocodiles on my farm. I will quit this career, even though it has been in my family since my parents ran it,” he said. “I do not want to risk another child’s life.”

Roath recognised that he had neglected the safety of his children in the past and urged others to be more careful.

“I appeal to other crocodile farmers to be vigilant in taking care of their family if they have a farm at home, and they must build a strong fence around the enclosure while not allowing any child to play around the farm,” he said. “It is very dangerous.” — Khmer Times

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