Giant mosquitoes cause Ross River infection fears in Australia

01 Feb 2020 / 12:10 H.

WHILE fears mount of the deadly coronavirus outbreak, a new threat has emerged in Australia in the form of giant mosquitoes.

Recently, the Dailymail reported that mosquitoes the size of 20-cent coins have been rising in numbers across the state of Queensland.

These Toxorhynchites - or elephant mosquitoes - can spread an incurable disease called the Ross River virus, and their recent surge has worried state authorities, who have moved to issue warnings.

The report further states that swarms of the insects have been terrorising locals, leading local councils to conduct exercises, and people practising caution by staying indoors.

Although the Ross River virus is not deadly, the Queensland Government has said that the recovery period could be lengthy, while symptoms include fever, rash and joint pain.

In 2015, an outbreak of 700 Ross River infections struck Australia’s east coast, while recent weather and flood conditions have experts concerned they could be on the brink of a new outbreak.

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