Here’s how a Malaysian animal shelter is overcoming shortage of funds

22 Feb 2020 / 11:37 H.

ANIMAL-loving humans are in abundance, and in fact, there is quite a significant amount of people who would go the extra mile in ensuring the well-being of animals.

There’s a lot of sacrifice that animal shelter volunteers make, more so for people who set up these asylums to protect animals.

To find out what it takes to run an animal shelter, we got in touch with the Lost Animal Souls Shelter (LASS).

LASS is a no-kill animal shelter based in Kuala Selangor. This means that they provide home and rehabilitation for dogs who can’t care for themselves - and they don’t euthanise healthy dogs even if their shelter is full.

Currently, LASS has a half-acre sanctuary with 200 dogs. And to make sure they’re able to support their furry inhabitants, they launched the Evergreen Organic Farm. With the hopes of turning LASS into a self-sustaining organisation, Evergreen Organic Farm is walk-in farm where you’d be able to buy ethically harvested produce.

But until the Evergreen Organic Farm is able to sustain itself, they could use funds from the public.

With this in mind, they will be holding a charity fundraiser tomorrow.

Together with KK Vege World Cafe, a family-run food and beverage outlet specialising in Chinese and Indian vegetarian cuisine, LASS’ charity fundraiser will be held over brunch. The one-day Sunday special is open to the public and expects to host up to 100 diners between 11am and 3pm. According to LASS, the main aim of the fundraiser is to collect at least RM12,000 to cover vaccination and deworming costs for their dogs.

Its president Vignes Chelliah said: “The work we do is essential for the survival of the many that rely on us to maintain a cruelty-free existence. Our troopers were once victims of severe injustices, rendering our pursuits a labour of love in every sense. The LASS commitment is defined by the ever-evolving needs of our healing sanctuary. Our devoted band of doers doesn’t believe in quitting. So, we press on.”

As the setup locked in place is designed around pre-sold RSVPs, all bookings will be confirmed only after payment is received. Online transfers can be made to CIMB 800 242 3911, the registered account of Pertubuhan Perlindungan Rohani Haiwan Terbiar (LASS). The price per reservation is RM60.

If you’re interested in being part of this charitable event, details are available in the infographic below

$!Here’s how a Malaysian animal shelter is overcoming shortage of funds

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