Here’s the difference between Ori Phones and AP Phones

18 Feb 2020 / 13:28 H.

WITH the recent boom of online shopping, it would be pretty common for us to get our phones online because they’re usually cheaper.

But sometimes on the description of the phone you wanna buy, you may see terms like “Ori Set” or “AP Set”, and it begs the question .... what do these terms mean?

Says wrote an article explaining the differences, and here’s what we found out.

AP sets have less certain warranty policies

AP (Approval Products) sets are phones that are imported from other countries. It’s basically the same with “local sets”, but the warranty wouldn’t be valid unless it comes with an international warranty.

Usually, the warranty will come from the person where you got the phone. Which means, if your device is faulty you can only go to them, not the manufacturer.

Ori sets allow you to claim warranty from the manufacturer

Lets you get an iPhone from an Apple Store or an authorised reseller, the warrant would normally cover LCD and other accessories for one year and the parts you get would be genuine.

It’s usually more expensive to get an ori set because it comes with a retail price.

Take note of Refurbished sets and Clone sets

Refurbished phones are usually discontinued models which have been recycled and sold at a cheaper price. These phones come without an official warranty, but are technically as good as new.

Clone sets, on the other hand, are sorta like counterfeits. It would be prudent not to expect much from these.

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