Kelantan uncle walks 440km back home after getting duped

18 Jan 2020 / 17:17 H.

STORIES about people getting scammed online are pretty rampant these days, and these stories usually end with people losing quite a sum of money. But have you ever heard of someone having to walk 440km home because they got scammed? Well that’s exactly what happened to an elderly man, whose story went viral on social media.

Heading to the big city

It’s not uncommon to hear of citizens moving from other states to the capital, Kuala Lumpur for employment, in fact, quite a lot of elderly people do it.

Unfortunately, for one uncle from Kelantan who went all the way to Kuala Lumpur for a cleaning position, he ended up finding out there was no such vacancy in the first place.

While many of us would just drive back or take some form of public transportation home, this uncle had no money and decided to walk back. Yes, he was gonna walk all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Kelantan, while some of us find it difficult to walk when parking is too far.

Luckily, based on a tweet, a netizen found this uncle and offered to get him a bus ticket home. And if you’re thinking “Phew, this story didn’t end up with a sad ending or an uncessary leg workout for a senior cetizen”, the uncle actually refused the the ticket. In fact, the uncle told the netizen that bus rides make him nauseous, and he preferred to be dropped off at the Karak Highway, from where he would start walking.

Of course, the netizen didn’t just leave this poor old uncle empty handed. He handed the uncle some money and water, and pleaded on twitter for someone to offer this uncle a ride.

It’s been four days, and we don’t really know what happened to this uncle. If you do have some info, do let us know in our Facebook comments so we can update this story.

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