M’sian wife gives controversial advise to other working mothers

19 Feb 2020 / 14:49 H.

It isn’t news to say that there was a struggle for women to achieve an equal status with men. There was once a time where women are expected to stay home and take care of the family, but now, women have taken the working world by storm.

However, one Facebook netizen named Nur Khairunnisa Iskandar has drawn controversy concerning her viral post that explained how she juggled work while attending to a household.

She explained that she’s a wife with more than one child and a husband who’s the type who loves seeing their home organised when he gets back from work. She said, “In such situations we always ask why but never how”. She explains that she views her situation as a challenge and goes on to explain how she manages her household from 6.30pm to 11pm.

We can’t go on to list out her whole routine, but to have a basic idea, she starts by having a shower and then bathing her kids all within the timespan of 15 minutes. Right after, she explains she prepares dinner, but when dinner is ready she advises other wives not to eat yet.

She goes on to say, “When it’s dinner time don’t eat together. Feed the kids first, if not you’d choke handling your kids and chatting with your husband.”

“It’s also better if your husband is the type who likes things neat, so when you feed your kids, you can make sure there’s no mess”.

There’s a lot more things explained in her post, and she has gotten a lot of negative comments for it. One Facebooker commented, “What does the husband do at home? It seems like the wife is doing everything.” Another commenter said, “I am not able to do this, It’s stressful having to treat my husband like a king. The wife seems like a maid here.”

On the weirder side of the spectrum one comment said, “Don’t let your wife work outside the home, let her take care of the kids and the home. Find worth from serving your husband solely.”

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