Mother jumps off Banting Bridge after quarrel with son

01 Oct 2019 / 10:51 H.

THE saying ‘never go to bed angry’ usually applies to couples but in this instance, the heartache of a mother turned fatal after she committed suicide following an argument with her son.

According to China Press, a distressed woman who works in a hypermarket in Selangor climbed over the barrier on Banting Bridge in Selangor just before the crack of dawn.

She stood precariously close to the edge of the bridge which drew the attention of passers-by driving along the road.

Based on a video, a good samaritan appeared to talk the woman out of jumping down from the bridge. He stood a safe distance away while trying to convince her to step down.

However, his words couldn’t change her mind and she jumped off the bridge in front of the crowd.

The police and rescue team who were alerted and dispatched couldn’t save her in time. Sadly, they could only retrieve her body from the bottom of the bridge.

While no one knows how she felt, her actions destroyed the chances of reconciling with her son.

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