Mother who was brain-dead for 117 days gives birth to baby girl

04 Sep 2019 / 15:23 H.

LAST month, a mother who had been brain-dead for nearly four months in the Czech Republic gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

According to the Jakarta Post, this birth set a record for the longest artificially sustained pregnancy in a brain-dead mother.

The baby was safely delivered through a C-section at the University Hospital in Brno, weighing 2.13kg.

The 27-year-old woman was 16 weeks pregnant when she suffered a haemorrhage from a stroke in April.

She was rushed to the hospital via a helicopter but was declared brain-dead on arrival.

According to Reuters, doctors had to put her on life support to keep vital organs such as the lungs, heart and kidneys working as they monitor the foetus.

The woman underwent routine ultrasounds and doctors regularly moved her legs to simulate walking to help the baby’s growth.

Once the baby was delivered, the mother’s life support system was turned off and she passed away surrounded by family and her husband.

The baby girl is now under the care of the family and is nursed by her aunt.

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