Reports claiming Quaden Bayles is 18-years-old is fake

22 Feb 2020 / 16:30 H.

A VIDEO went viral showing a 9-year-old boy who suffers from a medical condition called dwarfism, crying and expressing an intention to commit suicide because he was being bullied.

However, information is going around claiming that Quaden Bayles (pix) is actually 18-years-old based on a photograph on the boy’s now private Instagram page.

However, on a 2015 interview on Australian Network Ten’s “Studio 10,“ Bayles was described as being four years old.

Another conspiracy theory has been conjured because a page for Bayles exists on a website called StarNow. StarNow is basically a website where aspiring actors can upload their information. However, no acting credits exist for Bayles beyond previously unpaid acting roles.

Further controversy was drawn claiming that the video that went viral was staged to raise money for Quaden. However, based on news reports the money raised via GoFundMe was set up by a comedian who also suffers from dwarfism, Brad Williams. The purpose of the fundraiser was to raise enough cash to bring Quaden for a trip to Disneyland, and the remaining proceeds will be donated to charity.

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