Smashing good time in Beijing’s anger room (Video)

14 Jan 2019 / 11:19 H.

EVER wanted to vent out your anger by smashing something but was prohibited from doing so?

Now you can in Beijing’s anger room.

Equipped with bats and hammer, Chinese in the capital are letting out their frustration, anger and stress at the city’s first anger room by smashing objects, ranging from old appliances to glass bottles.

Founded by Jin Meng and her friends four months ago (September 2018), the anger room named ‘SMASH’ are breaking 15,000 bottles a month as people let out their pent up emotions.

Jin, a 25-year-old former English-study student who quit a public relations company to start this, said the shop has close links with various second-hand shops to make sure there is an endless supply of broken objects such as TV, telephone, clocks, rice cooker, sound recorder, mannequins and speakers etc.

Well exceeding Jin’s expectations, around 600 customers visit the shop every month, which is at a former factory area now converted into an art zone.

Targeting people between ages 20 to 35, Jin said space is not a place to promote violence, but to reduce people’s stress in large cities like Beijing, where people are under mounting pressure.

The next step of her plan is to open a new anger room in a mall where people can stop for a short moment mid-way through shopping to riot it out for a bit.

Price range from 158 RMB (US$23) for a single person in a room to 512 RMB (US$75) for a group of four, with a 30 minutes time restriction.

Watch the video here:

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