Thai man shoots dead bully at class gathering after waiting for 53 years

30 Aug 2019 / 12:07 H.

THE dangers of vengeance are well documented, as the pain from carrying retributive emotional baggages often inflict the severest of damages on the person seeking retribution.

The recent incident of a former Thai marine who shot dead a friend at an alma mater gathering serves as a chilling reminder.

This was not any ordinary retaliation. It was 53 years in the making.

On Aug 24, Thanapat, 69, turned up for his class gathering at a restaurant in the Ang Thong province and met his former bully, Suthud, there.

Thanapat confronted Suthud over an incident in 1966, where the latter tried to bury alive, the former.

Unfortunately, Suthud denied bullying Thanapat and refused to apologise and this enraged Thanapat, who brought out a gun and shot Suthud in the stomach.

The bullet reportedly went through his backside. Suthud was taken to Ang Thong hospital but succumbed to his injury.

According to Mothership, Thanapat is currently on the run from the police after the shooting. The police have requested an larrest warrant from the court.

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