Vets perform miracle, remove arrow out of cobra

15 Jul 2019 / 11:03 H.

A COBRA pierced with an arrow made a miraculous recovery after being rescued by vets in India’s eastern Odisha state on Friday (July 12).

Locals of Puri city attacked the cobra with an iron arrow which pierced the snake’s body and damaged its lungs.

But in a twist to the story, the snake was saved after those who attacked it informed Bhubaneswar-based Snake Helpline Group that it was injured.

Vets from the College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry in Bhubaneswan then removed the arrow from the snake’s body.

Although further treatment is underway, the snake was in a stable condition since the spinal cord did not get damaged, vets at the college said.

The Indian Cobra, also called as the spectacled cobra, is found in Asian countries of Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

In India, it is a protected species under the ‘Indian Wildlife Protection Act 2017’ — Reuters

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