(Video) Firefighters rescue 20 passengers from charter bus trapped in high water

08 Jul 2019 / 09:49 H.

TWENTY passengers were rescued after their charter bus became stuck in high water Sunday morning in Liuzhou, a city in south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

The bus was trapped in one meter of water at the intersection of Liuchang Road and Zhegujiang Road and quickly became waterlogged due to the torrential rain.

A local firefighting detachment responded to the call for help.

Upon their arrival, firefighters found the road section had been completely flooded. The water was one meter high, reaching the bus’ lights, all while the rain continued to fall.

Not familiar with the road condition, firefighters decided to approach the bus with a rope and life jackets.

They gave life jackets to the old and the young when they arrived at the coach.

Firefighters also tied the rope from their starting point to the bus and had all the passengers walking along the rope to safety.

All of the passengers were safely rescued in about 20 minutes. — Reuters

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