(Video) Local band dresses up as clown versions of Rosmah and Najib for performance

11 Feb 2020 / 12:10 H.

MEMES usually stay on the internet, but recently on the Anugerah Juara Lagu TV program, a meme came to life.

The band called Drama Band had two actors appear on stage as Najib and Rosmah with clown make up. During the performance, a notorious audio clip, “Can I advise you something?” played in the background.

If you’re rolling on the floor laughing at these shenanigans, you aren’t the only one, as netizens took to social media saying it was too funny. But as you all know, social media opinions come in extremities with quite a number of netizens stating their discomfort with a comedic piece done at someone else’s expense.

But if we can advise you something, if you’re angry about this, you probably shouldn’t dive too deep into memes.

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