(Video) Motorists turn bully after being reprimanded for driving on emergency lane

19 Jan 2020 / 18:58 H.

THE unruly behaviour of two men who resorted to bullying tactics after being reprimanded for driving on the emergency lane of a highway has been captured in a viral video.

The video, recorded with a car dashcam, was uploaded onto the We are Malaysians Facebook page. It shows a Toyota Vios using the emergency lane to escape heavy traffic. The car is then is blocked by two motorcyclists who had stopped on the lane.

As the Vios then drives on, the car with the dashcam is seen moving to the left to block another vehicle, a Proton Satria, from also driving on the emergency lane. In turn, the Vios then blocks the car with the dashcam, to allow the Satria to pass through.

The drivers of the Vios and Satria then stop, as men who seem to be friends alight from their vehicles, and proceed to threaten the driver of the car with the dashcam.

One man even brandishes a steer lock which he takes from the Satria, as it’s female passenger looks on.

Before things escalate, one of the motorcyclists who had earlier stopped on the emergency lane, is seen passing by and gets down to help calm the situation by ushering the drivers back into their cars.

We are Malaysians captioned the video, “Road rage incident, Plus highway from Gua Tempurung to KL.”

The entire video was edited with subtitles, explaining the occurrence using Malay and Tamil profanities.

The video has since garnered over 300 hundred comments on Facebook, many of which reproached the road bullies, while lauding the actions of the motorcyclist who helped calm the situation.

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