(Video) Snatch thief drags woman round the corner near Dataran Merdeka

15 Oct 2019 / 16:09 H.

A FEW days ago, a viral video shared by a Twitter user @izskyline showed a snatch theft incident that was believed to have happened near Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur.

What horrified viewers from the CCTV recording was when the victim, a woman, got dragged along the asphalt road on her back.

She hung onto her purse which was held by the motorcyclist who allegedly wore a pink and black shirt.

The courageous woman held on tight and never let go although she was dragged round the corner.

Knowing that he had failed to snatch her purse successfully, the motorcyclist tried to kick her off his bike.

When she was free from his grip, he immediately sped away and left her by the roadside.

The woman looked disoriented but managed to gather herself and her belongings before slowly walking away.

Hopefully, the woman isn’t seriously injured from this ordeal and the authorities can track down the snatch thief!

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