We ask 6 everyday Malaysians how they feel about the current political crisis

26 Feb 2020 / 14:35 H.

MALAYSIANS have been anxiously waiting for statements from their leaders regarding the current political fiasco. However, answers given by politicians sometimes seemed cryptic and vague, leaving Malaysians with more questions regarding their political future.

As politicians continue to have meetings and update their social media, TheSun took to task to find out how everyday Malaysians really feel about this whole kerfuffle:

1. Arul Selvaraj, 35, Guitarist

“It’s comedic on the highest levels. It has made me feel like leaving the country for the first after being here for 35 years.”

2. Jeremy Alexander, 33, Motion Graphics Designer

“It feels like a strategy game I used to play when I was a kid. We would perform an attack to distract our opponent from the real attacks. And as a citizen, I feel like they are cheating all of us. Many of us have traveled miles and used up a lot of money to vote for them, only to be given empty promises. I would say trust is gone and there is nothing to hope for the future.”

3. Vimal Subramanian, 27, Anti-Money Laundering Agent

The situation is in a complete mess right now. Before the situation escalates to something worse, a new government must be established. And, the rights of the people must be given priority.

4. Jeevan, 30, Transport Executive

“It’s like a game of chess, every move our politicians made could be analysed and interpreted, not only for its significance in the wider electoral tournament but also for the possible moves, or false moves, it might induce from opponents.”

5. Eugene Daniel, 25, Carpenter

“As part of the younger generation; I’m quite disgusted at the state of politics recently. I honestly can’t stand the amount of hypocrisy, sugar-coated statements, ironic rhetorics and debauchery going on with the current politicians. I think its time for our younger generation to step up and take control of our future.”

6. Janice Ti, 52, Businesswoman

I have always said that the government can only be as good as the people and never the other way round. In other words, if the people are not good enough, we open ourselves up to bullying or best be taken for a ride by power crazy politicians and governments.

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