Dive into the inspiring journey of Dolphin Lee as he empower swimmers of all ages to conquer the deep end

SWIMMING is beneficial for people of all ages, from all backgrounds, and with various degrees of expertise. Swimming is one of the few activities in which you can participate from a young age; a low-impact activity that offers greater resistance than dry-land activities and has a therapeutic cooling effect on the body, which adds to its many health advantages. It is undoubtedly the ideal sport.

Lee Boon Leong, often known as Dolphin Lee, recently spoke with theSun about his professional life as a swimming instructor.

Lee, 48, is a trainer in Dolphin Lee Aquatic Academy. It is a PADI 5-star licenced dive centre and the only facility offering AIDA Freediving training, and mermaid services. Lee is renowned for his range of abilities.

He was a swimmer, scuba diving instructor, freediver, lifesaver and also a mermaid professional trainer, and has been swimming professionally since 1996.

When Lee was younger, swimming piqued his curiosity. He would spend his days watching swimming contests on television, and his very understanding father would take him to swimming pools on the weekends to go for a swim.

$!Dolphin Lee Aquatic Academy is Malaysia’s first center to provide Mermaids services & AIDA Freediving courses.

“Watching coaches instruct students in swimming definitely made me consider wanting to do that myself in the future. My enthusiasm for swimming grew despite the fact that I was still learning how to swim at the time.”

As a product designer, Lee began his work at a Japanese company. He was working as a pool lifeguard in one of the swimming pool stadiums on the side in addition to his full-time employment.

When Lee reached the age of 23, his interest in swimming grew, and he acknowledged he should not disregard it.

He took the challenge to learn to swim, and to do it professionally, even though he knew nothing in detail about the sport.

“Everything simply occurred at the right moment and location. I wanted to take a chance to do it, even though I was also concerned about what may occur. Now, I have been an instructor for nearly 25 years at this point.”

Naturally, when Lee first opened his aquatic academy, things weren’t as simple, but he remarked that he had anticipated all of this. At the time, it was undoubtedly a major risk to open a school for someone without any professional experience.

$!Dolphin Lee’s underwater encounter with a whaleshark.

“I was new and I was concerned about my capacity to teach. I was also afraid of recruiting staff for my academy. I wasn’t certain that I was taking the correct path.”

Even though he initially faced many challenges, he made every effort to improve. In the beginning, Lee spent much of his time in the library doing research about how to do his job right, and how to manage an academy.

Lee claimed that because technology was less developed in those days, Internet access was not even a possibility. The library was the only thing he had to fall back on. Through his studies, he was able to learn about swimming methods and company management.

When questioned about his approach to training, Lee explained that it is all about discipline for him and that he encourages all of his students to maintain good discipline and physical fitness as a way to maintain their skill level.

One thing that has sustained him over his 25 years as a swimming coach is seeing his pupils improve as swimmers.

“It feels fantastic when people truly appreciate us. As though all of my effort over the years has been worthwhile.”

Although Lee now works as a professional trainer, he said that he used to make plenty of blunders. However, he added that “failures are the key to achievements.”

$!Lee always reminds his students to keep the ocean clean.

“We have to acknowledge that we don’t always make the best choices; we just need to take a deep breath, start over, and make the necessary corrections. It’s not that challenging.”

As for his accomplishments, one of Lee’s biggest was when he started working as an underwater consultant on TV advertisements and film projects. Being optimistic in all circumstances is what drives Lee to do his job even better.

In addition to his love of swimming, Lee’s passion for scuba diving, freediving, and mermaid training has had a significant impact on his life.

“I will constantly underline to our students that we are all ocean ambassadors and that we must preserve them because I adore our ocean.”

Lee also took the chance to thank his wife for being so understanding and supportive, as well as everyone who knew him and supported him during his difficult times.

“Without all of you, I would not be here here now. Thank you. I love you all.”

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