Book Review: My Sister, the Serial Killer

31 Mar 2020 / 18:42 H.

THIS prize-winning novel from Oyinkan Braithwaite is a dark comedy that begins with Korede helping her younger sister Ayoola dispose of a body.

Ayoola, as we find out during their conversation, has a thing for killing off boyfriends who are abusive and this isn’t the first time that Korede has cleaned up after her.

Korede is the responsible older sister who works as a nurse in a local hospital. Korede has long hoped that Dr Tade whom she works with will eventually notice her as more than a capable colleague.

However when Tade asks for Ayoola’s contact number, things get complicated.

Not only is Korede worried for Tade, but she also starts feeling inferior being compared to the prettier Ayoola.

To add to the complicated mix, the cops start investigating the disappearance of Ayoola’s last boyfriend (after a witness comes forward) and Korede is forced to put aside petty rivalries to save her sister.

Braithwaite’s writing style is simple and to the point, making this book very easy to read.

Told from Korede’s viewpoint, we sympathise with her most of the time and get angry when she comes across as a doormat where her sister is concerned.

Overall, this is one of those books you won’t be able to put down until you finish.

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