Book review: The Beautiful

12 Aug 2020 / 09:57 H.

THIS paranormal story by Renee Ahdieh that is set in 19th century New Orleans should really entice fans of historical fiction, vampires and some romance.

The story’s central character is Celine Rousseau, a dressmaker from Paris, who is forced to flee to America after a tragedy.

Taking refuge in a convent in New Orleans, Celine struggles to follow the way of the nuns, and at the same time is lured by the seductiveness of the city.

Before long she comes across La Cour des Lions, a group of strangely beautiful magicians, led by Sebastian Saint Germain.

Sparks fly between them but as Celine deals with her feelings towards him, the past returns to haunt her when a body of a girl from Celine’s convent is found dead, drained of blood and left in the lair of the La Cour des Lions.

Soon more bodies are found in a similar fashion and Celine has to find a way to not end up a victim too.

The problem with this book is that it drags on a bit for most parts and only picks up momentum towards the end.

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