Create a more productive and inviting space with these colours!

THERE is one aspect of interior design that many tend to overlook – colours. Colours have always been an important factor when decorating a home. Whether you’re painting your walls with your favourite colour, or the colours recommended by your interior designer, your selection of colours can either make or break your space.

The science behind choosing and incorporating the right colours will create a better flow in your house and it allows you to walk from one room to another room seamlessly. Colour is frequently linked to one’s emotions and it has a profound influence on your mental state. Thus, choosing the right colours can help you create the perfect home.

In order to create the perfect space, there are a variety of warm and cool tones that you can choose from in order to breathe life into your home. For instance, warm tones evoke playfulness whereas cool tones evoke calmness.

However, it is crucial to identify the function of each of your rooms before filling your space with all these beautiful shades. Here’s a guideline of colours to get you inspired!


White has always been the go-to colour for many, as it represents purity and freshness. Furthermore, white goes well with any colour! Whether you’re looking to purchase neon-coloured sofas, cushions or curtains, the colour white will complement most other tones. However, always remember to keep your white walls clean to avoid your room looking dull.

Light Grey

$!Light grey creates a soothing atmosphere. – PINTEREST

Picking a pale grey colour for your wall will match the rest of your room and add more depth, especially if you’re aiming for a modern and minimalistic look. When matched with the right elements, it can create a relaxing atmosphere. However, if you’re feeling anxious about your room looking dull, you can always add patterned rugs, pillows, bedsheets and colourful abstract paintings. Besides that, you can also incorporate warm coloured furniture to balance it out!

Sky Blue

$!Paint your walls sky blue for a peaceful sleep! – PINTEREST

If you’re always working overtime and would love to come home to a stress-free environment, painting your walls sky blue is the way to go. The reason being is this calming colour promotes productivity, happiness, a sense of freedom and has an astringent effect on people. Besides that, other soft and neutral shades of blue have the ability to slow down your heart rate, decrease blood pressure and anxiety. Thus, a gorgeous sky blue bedroom is the perfect setting for you to get a good night sleep and release stress. In addition, it’ll make your room look bigger since light walls tend to be more reflective and it amplifies the natural lighting.


$!A pink room will spark romance and happiness in your relationship – PINTEREST

Besides sky blue, pink evokes peace and serenity as well. Unbeknownst to many, the colour pink brings good Feng Shui, and it is linked with the Partnership and Love spaces in the Bagua map, which helps activate the energy of romantic relationships. Since pink is considered a less intense version of red, integrating this shade into any room or furniture will not be an issue!


$!Have some fun with orange! – PINTEREST

Now, if you’re a risk-taker, paint your walls orange! This tone is suitable for those who are looking to create a fun and playful environment, especially if you’re a gamer or if you have children. This bright colour will certainly add more life to your room. Besides the gaming room, your kitchen can be painted orange as well! You can always opt for orange-coloured kitchen cabinets and islands instead if you don’t feel like painting your walls with the vivid colour. Pairing orange elements and cool tones in the kitchen will provide you with a more cheerful atmosphere.


$!Purple makes the perfect colour for accent walls. – PINTEREST

Purple often signifies wisdom, bravery and spiritualism. If you’re aiming for a luxurious look in your room, purple is the ideal colour. Shades of purple can help you feel energized in the morning. If you pair it with pale lavender, it’ll create a light and luxurious room. When done right, it can be a distinctive colour in your home. Moreover, painting your accent walls purple can actually change the whole feel of your home. Lastly, the best part about painting your room purple is it suits any décor style!