ON Christmas Eve, Abigail Breslin wrote a lengthy caption on Instagram, where she opened up about the whirlwind of emotions she experienced around the holiday season following her father, Michael’s death from Covid-19 back in February.

The 25-year-old admitted that Christmas felt strange without her dad, but she is still thankful to spend it with her friends and family.

She talked about missing her dad a lot, but she also added that if her dad was here, he’d probably be consoling her not to cry, that he’s fine, and that he loves her.

Breslin shared how some days are harder than others and that coping with grief is not easy. Closing out her message, she wrote: “To anyone who’s missing someone this holiday season... I see you, I hear you and you’re not alone.”

Earlier this year, the Scream Queens star announced that her father had died shortly after contracting Covid-19 at 78.

“Hard to write this. Harder than I thought.. I’m in shock and devastation... My sweet, perfect, amazing, heroic, wonderful dada passed away after my family and I said goodbye,” she wrote then, while sharing photos of her father from over the years.

Her brothers Ryan and Spencer, who are also actors, also shared their own tributes.

Ryan wrote: “My dad had plenty of hardships and obstacles in his life, but he always set an unparalleled example of will, determination, sticktoitiveness ... He overcame adversity and was a champion of the people he loved.”

Spencer added: “I love this man that helped bring me into this world and raised me and loved my mother and my two amazing siblings. Death is the one thing we all have in common, but never expect. Love you, Dad. Forever and ever.”