Head to Eighteen Café if you are in need of a great brunch experience, or good coffee

DO not worry if you are unsure about where to take your loved ones this weekend. We are prepared to assist all you dear café lovers who want to discover what’s fresh, and where the hottest location is right now. We recently paid a visit to Shah Alam’s Eighteen Café, which offers a selection of mouth-watering brunch dishes, pastas, desserts, and pastries to keep you satiated. Eighteen Café is without a doubt one of the most aesthetically-pleasing cafés in Shah Alam, with a fantastic interior design.

It is a pet-friendly ‘Aussie-inspired’ café in Bukit Kemuning, Shah Alam, beside the Bukit Kemuning Golf and Country Resort. Because of its location, the café receives plenty of natural light. Eighteen Café acknowledges that diners have seating preferences, thus the café was created with both indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing for adaptability and providing customers with options. When the weather permits, you may enjoy the view from outside, while indulging in their delectable meals.

$!This café has all the crucial elements that make it a cosy and homely place.

You will be welcomed by all of their friendly employees as soon as you enter. It was impressive how everyone treated every customer with the utmost respect. Even before trying their meals, this alone would make me want to return to this café. We then proceeded to taste four of their most popular brunch items.

We started with a big breakkie that included baked beans, scrambled eggs, grilled tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, streaky bacon, and pork bratwurst. The Ol’ Boy Brekkie was our next dish. It has two eggs, sourdough, and feta cheese that has been crumbled. Given that it doesn’t include beef or pig, this is a fantastic alternative for people who don’t consume pork. However, you may ask to have French ham added to your plate.

By now, most bread lovers are aware of how crisp and firm sourdoughs are. For some reason, the sourdough we consumed in this place was completely different; it was soft, fresh, and super easy to chew. The bread paired perfectly with the perfectly cooked eggs.

$!Eighteen allows customers to chill with their beloved pets in the outdoor seating area.

We then put their Shrimp Avo Sammie (sandwich) and Patty Melts to the test. I’m not exaggerating when I say that their shrimp brunch was among the greatest I have ever had. On buttered brioche, the meal consists of grilled prawns with smashed avocado, dill, and parsley tartar. The parsley tarter was just delicious on the brioche, and the prawns were large and meaty.

It explains why the breads are all so soft and fresh because they make all of their pastries daily in-house. It melts perfectly in your mouth. The Patty Melts have a flavour that is almost similar to a beef hamburger, but this is unquestionably a better option, because all of their meat is produced using premium ingredients.

You would want to return to this café again to have the double beef patties with melted cheese, caramelised onions, and buttered brioche. If you think the servings are small, resist the urge to pass judgement. Trust me, you will probably struggle to finish the meal because it’s so filling.

$!Merry Berry dessert topped with pistachios.

We were becoming very stuffed, so we took a break by ordering some of their drinks: mocha coffee, chocolate, and Hojicha latte. As a huge fan of chocolate beverages, I thoroughly loved mine. I had a sip of my colleagues’ beverages as well, and I thought it was a great blend of drinks. For all coffee-based beverages, Eighteen Café uses a medium roast Brazilian single origin. This single origin has a nutty scent as well as a creamy texture with undertones of caramel and milk chocolate.

We then tried two of their pasta dishes. Creamy Mushroom Fettuccine and Seafood Marinara. The marinara sauce was super flavourful. It wasn’t spicy or tasted dull and the mussels, squid, and shrimp in basil tomato sauce were perfect. Your eyes will undoubtedly sparkle when you take a bite of this. Seafood lovers should definitely try this dish if you plan to drop by this café. I assure you; it will not let you down. The fettuccine’s rich cream and cheese were deserving of all the praise. This plate of spaghetti was loaded with a lot of mushrooms and chopped bacon, unlike some cafés that provided meals with little ingredients.

$!Big breakkie (right) and The Ol’ Boy Brekkie (left).

Additionally, Eighteen Café offers delicious desserts as well. Dessert is a sweet course that brings an important dinner to a close. We finished our meal by getting a Merry Berry, a French toast with fresh fruit, berry compote, vanilla ice cream, and crushed pistachios. We also tried their espresso-infused vanilla ice cream. I had never had it at any other cafés before, so it was new to me. The contrast between the bitterness of the coffee and the sweetness of the ice cream was superb.

Eating at Eighteen Café was a wonderful experience. We found all of their brunch items to be delicious, and we would go again simply for the brunch menu. With its incredible selection of brunches, cakes, pastries, and even pastas if you like a heavier dinner, you may spend wonderful quality time with your loved ones or by yourself while feasting on these treats.

Do not overlook the variety this café offers in terms of coffee, tea, and non-coffee beverages. You can be sure that when you visit this café, everything from the ambiance to the food to the service will be top-notch.