Chloe Yew Su Ern changed her eating habits to improve her health, and later set up the healthy breakfast place Sunshine Express Hub

After being diagnosed with an illness, a medical lab technician transformed her life by shifting her focus from drawing blood samples from sick patients to caring for her own health.

Chloe Yew Su Ern has always had a mission in her life – to help the sick recover – and so she studied biomedical science at UTAR, Kampar in 2013 and obtained a degree, before being employed at a local hospital.

Yew found her dream career, but soon the 32-year-old’s own health started to deteriorate. She suffered from fatty liver disease, a condition where extra fat is stored in the liver. In the long term, this could lead to liver damage.

Yew also experienced hormonal imbalance, high cholesterol, weight gain, and other symptoms as a result of her condition.

“I had a hormonal imbalance, my sleep, my mood, and my attention and focus were affected. My energy level was low, and I felt tired, all the time,” said Yew.

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“At this point, something hit me. I realised that I was losing my health due to strenuous work. I started to take care of my health, including my weight. I spent a lot of money and time at the slimming centre, but I did not get the expected results,” she added.

She visited a doctor, who suggested that she needed to lose weight and prescribed her pills for a week.

Despite her background in medicine, she admits that she could not think of an effective way to treat her condition, other than to take medication prescribed by the doctor.

She explained: “I know drugs are bad because they have side effects. I tried a lot of methods to take care of my problem.”

Then, her father told her about a breakfast shop that provided wellness consultations. The coach helped her with her dietary habits and improved her health and weight.

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“The day I met my coach, my life turned 180 degrees. I learned how I should eat and drink, and within two months, I had changed. My mood, appearance, and health all change for the better.”

Yew changed her eating habits and her lifestyle. She found the whole experience very meaningful.

She also heard life-changing stories from others, and decided to do something that could help others, and also give back to the community.

Inspired by her own transformation, Yew opened up her own wellness consultation and nutrition club, which she called Sunshine Express Hub.

“I find it very interesting and quite challenging because I started my own business, providing coaching services, weight and health management, designing new meal plans, counting calories, and setting health goals,” she said.

She also organises health classes discussing health topics.

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“I will give them guidance on how their bodies can change, and provide them with the tools they need to take care of their own health.”

Each customer’s age, weight and height are measured on a scale that calculates visceral fat, body fat, bone mass, metabolic rate, muscle mass and body water.

Yew will also recommend a meal plan based on the assessment and give her thorough consultation, but no food is sold on the premises except for nutritious mixed soy protein drinks.

These breakfast shakes are sold at the establishment from 7am to 11am, on weekdays.

The main intention in setting up the place in 2017 was to help others improve their health or lose weight, just as she had been helped before.

Sunshine Express Hub

Address: 66(A), Jalan SS2/60, SS 2, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Opening hours: Mon-Sat, 7.30am-11am daily