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Jewellery maker Felicia Teh brings her love for Penang’s culture into her designs

13 Aug 2020 / 09:29 H.

HER lifelong passion for fashion and styling motivated Felicia Teh Ee Wen to start an online clothing store a few years back, where she would post pictures of selected apparel on her site.

However, it was sometimes hard to find the right accessories to pair with the clothes.

“At that time, it was really hard to find accessories that would match the fashion and style that I planned to create,” Teh said.

“I always wanted to make my own jewellery to go with the outfits, but never made a move. Finally, at the end of 2018, I decided to design jewellery during my free time.”

The 26-year-old started an online handmade jewellery business (@glitterydaisyy_handmade on Instagram).

During the Movement Control Order (MCO) in March, Teh launched her own website,, to sell her adorable yet casual earrings to a wider audience.

“Initially, I created the Instagram page with the purpose of just sharing my handmade jewellery. Due to the overwhelming response, I realised this passion of mine could be turned into a business. I decided to sell handmade jewellery, which I truly enjoy making.

“All sorts of ideas came to my mind for many days and nights. I knew that I would not stop thinking about it if I did not turn my passion into reality. One day, I told myself to make it happen, instead of just thinking about it.

“I am very glad that I took my first step. I am very blessed that my family has also been very supportive of me.”

Teh’s brand is about combining colour, quality, creativity and uniqueness to create daily wearable jewellery.

Her customers are mostly Malaysians, but she does have some buyers from overseas.

Teh takes her inspiration from elements around her, and is also inspired by local culture and heritage, which can be seen in her latest collection, Wall Art Prints.

“Born and raised in Penang, I have always loved unique cultural prints that can be spotted along the heritage streets in Georgetown,” said Teh.

Teh, who uses polymer clay to create her jewellery, has previously created a Batik and Peranakan Tiles series.

“I am always inspired by illustrations of wall art, abstract shapes and leaves. I love to add leaves or plant designs to my jewellery because I live in a place which is surrounded by nature, and I have a variety of plants in my garden.

“I often find myself spending my free time studying the shape and colours of the leaves, to incorporate them into my designs to make them more realistic-looking. I also have an upcoming collection, inspired by abstract shapes and face art.

“Sometimes certain colours I thought would not go well together, surprisingly do.

“I love to explore different colour combinations, and it makes me really happy seeing all the colours coming together in my jewellery pieces.”

$!Adorable earrings made with polymer clay. – Courtesy of Felicia Teh
Adorable earrings made with polymer clay. – Courtesy of Felicia Teh

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