Datuk AC Mizal has re-invented himself over the past 30 years and he isn’t slowing down yet

AC MIZAL or Datuk Mizal Zaini is a man of many talents. A singer, an actor, a comedian, a TV host for shows such as the popular The Masked Singer programme, and the host of his own talk show, Punchline DAC (DAC stands for Datuk AC).

On his talk show, AC Mizal speaks to people from all walks of life, listens to their perspective and opinions, and touches on a variety of topics while seeking a straightforward answer from his guests. The talk show is fun to watch, especially with funny games, and also provides insightful information.

The 48-year-old entertains with his unique interview style by posing witty questions to encourage guests to give funny answers, and even jokes with them.

“My intention is to be a trendsetter and not a follower. Everything I do, I want to try to do it my own way,” he said.

As a host, AC Mizal is always charming, full of energy, spreads positive vibes and has a sense of humour, which never ceases to make others laugh.

In fact, AC Mizal’s down-to-earth attitude makes you easily forget that he was once a heart-throb for many girls, while he was the lead singer of a popular hip-hop boyband 4U2C back in the 1990s.

Since then, AC Mizal, a father of four children, has ventured into many roles in life including an entrepreneur, before reaching his ultimate dream (for now), creating his own talk show.

What inspired you to create your own talk show?

Punchline DAC discusses issues which relate to our guests, and also current issues. Our unique way of asking questions with humour makes the show more lively, full of laughter and excites our guests.

“We are inspired by Korean talk shows with an unpredictable way of presenting the content. We agreed not to be formatted like other talk shows in Malaysia.

“It is my goal to be a trendsetter in everything I do and will be doing, in the future.”

Why a talk show?

“It is my dream to have my own talk show. After having years of experience in hosting shows, a talk show really is a challenge for me.

“You have to have the knowledge and do some homework, [a lot of it] before the show. I do read a lot and I put my knowledge to good use, as my guests are not just from the entertainment industry.

“The challenge is being able to explore the answers from my guests to look for an angle or point of discussion, together with my own point of view, and this excites me.”

What is the most challenging part of hosting your own talk show?

“To be able to understand guests from their point of view, for every question. I will always do some research on each of my guests. I will try to predict their answers to my questions. It is also a challenge to present the content of the show, in a way which is acceptable by viewers.”

Once the episode is aired, has anyone ever made a complaint about getting the cartoon hand ‘punch’, during their interview?

“Not at all. Most of them are happy with our concept. They love it.”

What do you love about hosting The Masked Singer show?

The Masked Singer Malaysia is a show in which celebrities sing with a mask on. and we have to guess the singer behind the mask. Clues are given in videos and during their performances. It is up to the jury and audience to guess who is behind the mask.

“Hosting Masked Singer is a big thing for me. I am now representing Malaysia for the biggest show, currently, in 53 countries around the world. The most exciting moment is when we reveal the person behind the mask.”

How different or similar is the Malaysian Masked Singer compared to other countries?

“It is a show with a licensed format from the creator. It is a must for us to comply with [certain regulations].

“The only difference is the characters are based on a Malaysian identity. It is the same in other countries. They will have to follow the format, but characters are based within their own culture.”

Any memorable moments to share?

“The biggest shock for me is when the first celebrity was revealed. The singer was my close friend when I was studying at Royal Military College, and our Malaysia hockey legend, Datuk Mirnawan Nawawi.

“I have not seen him for many years and we met again on The Masked Singer stage. I was happy, sad, and shocked.”

What do you love most; being an actor, a singer, or a talk show host?

“I would say a talk show host because I can actually do everything that I love – singing and acting – in my own talk show.”

$!AC Mizal speaking during his talk show Punchline DAC.