A truly cinematic performance

Rapper Zamaera plans to take fans on a seamless experience of sights and sounds in LFx for her upcoming nationwide tour

11 Mar 2019 / 10:50 H.

MALAYSIAN rapper Zamaera will be the first artiste here to take music fans to new experiential heights in her first nationwide tour that will be presented in a brand-new format – Lakefront Xperience (LFx).

The tour will see Zamaera performing live in selected cinema halls in 7.1 surround sound and with visual accompaniment on the big screen that will offer fans a seamless experience of sights and sounds unlike any other.

In a recent showcase at TGV 1 Utama where the rapper gave an impressive demonstration of the new surround sound live-concert format to selected guests and members of the media, Zamaera also revealed a worldwide March 29 drop-date for her anticipated debut EP Z (pre-orders begin this Friday).

A documentary called The Chicago Sessions will be dropping alongside Z, which was recorded in the US.

While Zamaera is performing on the cinema hall stage with a live band, the documentary will be playing on the big screen, filling in viewers on Zamaera’s recording process for her debut EP, and featuring the added flair of string-driven ensemble Matt Jones Orchestra.

Revolving on the theme of growth and progression, Z contains four solid tracks – Z vs Z, Truth, KMS (Killing Me Softly), and Almost – which Zamaera said were penned at a time in her life where she was “just reflecting on things that have changed and progressed to be better”.

Speaking to the press after her performance, Zamaera said: “I wanted all the songs to reflect the different aspects of my life that has grown.”

Z vs Z, as the title suggests, sees Zamaera pit her past and present, while in Truth, she raps about her “beliefs and consciousness, and asking better questions about my spirituality”.

The two love songs, Killing Me Softly and Almost, fall cohesively under the theme.

Zamaera also got the chance to work with award-winning Billboard-charting producer and pianist Floyd ‘Timeless’ Thomas through the guidance of her record label, Lakefront Records.

The pair never met while working on Z, but the musical connection was undeniable, according to Zamaera.

“We spoke on email and I wrote down what I wanted the songs to be about. He sent me the beats that he had made for me, the instrumentals, and it sounded exactly like how I wanted it to fit my lyrics.

“Because if it had been any different, I would have been like ‘mmmm, I don’t think this gonna’ work’ – but the craziness is that musical connection [between the two of us].

“You can come from anywhere and still have the same feeling and emotion. He felt that, and that made the process a lot smoother.”

Known for writing her own hard-hitting lyrics, like her past singles Helly Kelly and Still Callin, recording the EP gave her a chance to get out of her comfort zone.

“I had never written music in front of people before,” she said. “I usually used to write by myself at home in a closed environment.

“But if you always have to wait for the right environment, then you’ll always, forever be waiting.

“You have to create your own space, and that was for me, something that I learned throughout while creating the EP.”

Zamaera added: “From the time spent working on the music, to the constant practice of ‘making things better’ such as my live performances – just like this live EP performance in LFx – we want to create immersive experiences for the listeners.

“Above all else, I couldn’t have done this without the contribution of my amazing team who turned this EP into a reality.”

Zamaera’s as-yet-untitled tour is presented by TGV Cinemas and Lakefront Records, and slated to happen between April and May.

And while exact details of the tour are not confirmed as yet, it is poised to begin in Kuala Lumpur and include stops in Johor Baru, Penang, and Miri.

Z will be available on ITunes and other streaming platforms from March 29.

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