A woman of steel

06 Apr 2021 / 10:39 H.

IT is not well known that popular actress, singer and TV host Farah Dhiya Mohamed Amin, better known as Farahdhiya, is a big fan of Muay Thai.

A decade ago, she came across a Muay Thai training centre and has since become a skilled follower.

Apart from learning about self-defence, she said the sport promotes mental and physical health, especially in terms of fitness, discipline and nutrition. Although she is conscious about eating healthy, Farahdhiya said she does have cheat days once in a while.

She also aspires to play what she calls her dream-come-true role.

“If I am ever given the chance to play my dream role, it would be that of a fighter, who rides a big bike. I would love to try doing my own stunts,” said the 36-year-old.

In a recent interview with theSun, Farahdhiya spoke at length about her love for Muay Thai.

Farahdhiya started practising Muay Thai about 10 years ago. – PICTURE COURTESY OF FARAH DHIYA MOHAMED AMIN
Farahdhiya started practising Muay Thai about 10 years ago. – PICTURE COURTESY OF FARAH DHIYA MOHAMED AMIN

What attracted you to Muay Thai?

I am into sports. I have tried so many sports, but it is Muay Thai that I love very much. I can’t really explain the satisfaction that I get from it but I feel absolutely great every time I finish a session. It helps to release stress. That’s the best thing about it.

When did you start learning Muay Thai?

I started about 10 years ago. I randomly passed a Muay Thai place in my area one day and I just felt like joining immediately, which I did.

Did you face any challenges when learning Muay Thai?

Definitely, it’s a rough game but I like challenges and it suits my personality. It’s all about learning the basics, first. Once you get used to it, it becomes easy and gets addictive. Bruises are my best friend but so far, it’s been good. I have not suffered any serious injuries. Thank God for that.

What is your typical routine?

I am a very active person. I love working out. If I am not too busy, I would be at the gym at least five to six times a week. I would start my day very early. I wake up by 5.30am every day and by 6.30am, I am already at the gym. I try to practise eating healthy most of the time. But of course, life is short, I have cheat meals as well.

Have you participated in any Muay Thai competitions?

I am not a fighter but a lover. I practise Muay Thai for fun. I have had a few offers, but to fight professionally is definitely not my thing. Furthermore, I can’t afford to get bruises on my face because of my acting and singing jobs. So it has just been my hobby for the past ten years, and yes, I love it!

Would you encourage more women to pick up Muay Thai?

Yes, of course, 100%! It is fun and at the same time, it is also good as a self-defence skill.

Tell us about your love for food and cooking.

Cooking is one of my favourite things to do, every day! It’s funny how I am into cooking because I did not learn it from my mom. She actually hates cooking! I love food, any kind of food! I am someone who would travel for good food. I would love to open a small restaurant one day, since I love cooking so much!

What projects will you be working on in the near future?

At the moment, there are not many events going on due to the coronavirus pandemic. So I have been doing a lot of acting projects. I hope to come out with a new single when everything has subsided or recovered and things (around us) are better.

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