Calling all Bare Bears fans

14 Feb 2019 / 12:31 H.

CARTOON NETWORK’S coolest bears, the Bare Bears, are embarking on their first-ever tour of Asia, but they need the help of all Bare Bears fans in Malaysia to make it to our shores.

Vote for Malaysia if you want the bears to come and see you and your friends.

Simply cast your vote on from now until Feb 24.

You can also follow the bears’ We’ll Be There journey via the Cartoon Network Asia official Facebook page.

Airing on Cartoon Network (Astro channel 616), We Bare Bears stars three brother bears.

First, there’s Grizzly Bear, the oldest. Though a charismatic, jovial, and highly-motivated leader, Grizzly is not the brightest bear in the bunch.

But what he lacks in common sense, he makes up for with pure energy and excitement – which leads the Bears into endless comedic complications.

Grizzly Bear loves video games, the great outdoors, chatting and eating.

Then, there’s Panda Bear who loves pop culture, painting, all things anime and his smartphone.

As the middle bear, he is sensitive and a hopeless romantic.

He’d really love a girlfriend, but most of his attempts have been utter failures.

Luckily, his brothers are always there to lift him up.

Ice Bear is the youngest in the family.

A bear of few words, he’s a bit odd and outwardly eccentric – he refers to himself in the third person and sleeps in a refrigerator.

But don’t underestimate him: skilled in a plethora of unknown talents, Ice Bear is a hidden savant and bear-of-all-trades.

Ice Bear loves cooking, and being quiet, though he can speak different languages.

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