Eye on China

16 Oct 2020 / 10:02 H.

JERYL LEE PEI LING, was making inroads into the Chinese music market before the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

Lee was a household name after making it to the finals of Chinese reality show Sing! China in 2016.

She has been taking part in major competitions since she was 12 beginning with Taiwanese singing competition Chinese Millions Stars and won the Watercube Singing Contest for Overseas Chinese Teenagers held in Beijing, China when she was 14.

Lee recently recorded and released the song Respect 1,000,000″ that was a homage to frontliners battling the Covid-19 pandemic.

“All thanks to my [manager Ong Peng Chu of On Muse Sdn Bhd]. He received this song and straight away sent it to me and wanted me to record it.

“After listening to the demo I recorded it straight on my phone without any hesitation, because I wanted to dedicate this song to all the frontliners.”

During this uncertain time, Lee said she has been busy doing online shows and also recording songs that she dedicates to frontliners.

She is also taking extra care of her voice.

“I used to not care too much about my vocals, but now I avoid eating too much oily and spicy food. I also take less ice and less sugar in my beverages, because my throat is more sensitive now.”

Not many people can claim they are a role model to other young people.

“I feel thankful because I am able to motivate people by singing songs, or replying to their messages and comforting them when they have no one to talk to. They choose to trust me. I wish that in the future I can do more things to motivate people to be confident, positive and to love themselves more.”

As a target of cyberbullying in the past, Lee now takes in all in stride. “Actually whenever I receive messages that are very inappropriate I will straight away block and report the user. It makes me feel more comfortable than just ignoring it.”

When asked if she had planned to enter more singing competitions before the pandemic, Lee said she had, and hopes to be able to make further inroads into the China music market in the near future when the pandemic is over.

As for the near future, Lee said: “I am planning to launch my own clothing brand and I am also planning the concept for it now. But it will take some time before it is ready.”


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