Getting a 270° theatre experience

11 Sep 2019 / 10:39 H.

WATCHING horror flick It: Chapter 2 on GSC (Golden Screen Cinemas) 1 Utama’s new ScreenX was an eye-opener, for sure.

Though horror is not my cup of tea, sitting in a cinema that offers a 270° view was something I had never experienced before.

ScreenX utilises a proprietary system to expand key scenes throughout the movie onto the left and right side walls of the auditorium.

This enhances the atmospheric tones of films (such as the scene showing the town of Derry in all its autumn glory) or the chilling scenes (mostly taking place in Pennywise’s lair).

For most of the movie, you view what is going on in front of you. But the screens around the sides of the hall turn on in certain scenes, adding a different atmosphere. Since this is a horror film, you can guess how that went.

According to Jong Ryul Kim, the CEO of CJ 4DPLEX – the company which brought the ScreenX technology to Malaysia through its partnership with GSC, this innovative technology allows the audience to go beyond the frame of the traditional movie screen.

Before the movie, we were shown several clips that were specially made for this particular screen format, and I must say the clips proved this screen would be ideal for those big fight scenes in superhero or sci-fi films.

Films have to be specially modified to be shown on ScreenX. These include Spider-Man: Far From Home, Pokemon Detective Pikachu, Shazam!, Godzilla: King of Monsters, and Captain Marvel – which were screened in other countries.

Besides the 270° screen format, GSC’s ScreenX hall also features eco-leather seating that is plusher and more comfortable than a regular hall.

GSC deputy general manager Heng Beng Fatt said: “We are proud to be the first cinema in Malaysia to offer movie-goers this revolutionary movie experience, which redefines what it is like to watch a film in the theatre.”

Currently, ScreenX is only available in GSC 1 Utama but there are plans to bring the technology to two other locations in 2020. Tickets for It: Chapter 2 in ScreenX format at GSC 1 Utama are priced at RM29 each.

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