Radio duo Angeline and Royce team up to educate and empower listeners in new morning show

THE concept of having fun while learning can be a difficult idea to grasp. Yet, various studies have proven that fun has a good impact on motivation, which influences what we learn and how much we remember. Local radio announcers Royce Tan and Angeline Ooi are among the few who are incorporating this idea into their work.

As the new faces of 8FM’s new breakfast show, the pair is taking it upon themselves to educate and empower their listeners through entertaining stories.

“It is an informative show with entertainment. We would like to deliver information in ways the audience can understand.

“Like for instance, when we deliver serious topics, we would highlight the fun aspect and make it digestible for listeners,” said Royce, who has returned to the radio industry after a four-year hiatus.

Aired every weekday, the breakfast show titled 8FM Good Vibe Everyday features the pair’s discussions on bread-and-butter issues, current news and community topics.

How did the collaboration come to be?

Royce: I think it goes back to the first lockdown last year. The cases were high and I was so bored at home. I kind of lost my sense of purpose in life. Coincidentally, I got a call from my ex-boss, who told me about the show.

I was initially quite reserved about it because I was on a break from the industry. But after hearing about it, I realised that I had never done anything like it before. The genre is different from the previous shows that I have done. So, moving from entertainment to this direction is a big and exciting challenge.

Angeline: Before this show, I was also from the entertainment line. So, when I heard about this project, I was quite excited. Finally, I came across a project that is meaningful and something I am passionate about. So, I immediately jumped at the opportunity.

How does it feel to return on-air after your hiatus?

Royce: It is really scary because the world has changed. You just do not know how to make sense of it anymore. I mean, of course, I do know the basic stuff. I understand how it works but watching how Angeline does things, I feel like I am a newbie. And I am constantly asking her questions every day.

But although the environment can be scary and stressful at times, I think I finally found my purpose in life, thanks to this show. So, I guess there are exciting moments to look forward to and I am fortunate that I have a good partner to work with.

What was your reaction when you heard that you were going to work with Royce?

Angeline: Royce has been one of my mentors in this broadcasting journey. He is my Sifu (teacher), as he always gives me feedback whenever there is a problem. So, I was definitely nervous but Royce is really good. He has been providing me with great guidance.

Has it been fun having each other around?

Royce: Angeline is a very positive-minded person. Whereas, I have a very realistic point of view and so I tend to always look at the bad side of things. Hence, I am always prepared for worst-case scenarios. So, a lot of times when I am doing this show, I am prepared for things to not work out.

And Angeline will be the person to hold my hand and reassure me that everything is going to be okay. And I appreciate that. Aside from this, Angeline is also very talented. She is very well-versed in areas like economics and finance. And so, we do have our strengths and they complement each other well.

Angeline: He is a very passionate person. When he does something, he plans from the top to the end. He also sees the big picture of things. And as someone who has been in this industry for 10 years, I rarely come across passionate individuals like Royce, who is really keen on sharing something with their listeners. And he is also willing to work during weekends. I think that is a really good attitude.

Can listeners expect any upcoming surprises on the show?

Angeline: We are actually giving out money now. All listeners need to do is listen to the show from 8am to 9am. We will be giving tips for them to answer very simple questions. And if they can call in and answer them, they stand a chance to win RM88. And if it is during the bonus hour, it will be RM888.

Royce: All the questions that we are going to ask are based on the show. It will be about the topics that we discuss from 8am to 9am – from politics to economics. So, I think this is the added value part because you gain knowledge while you stand to win money. And do not worry, although the questions may sound difficult, the answers are actually very simple.