THE Wizards of Warna Walk is coming to the Disney Channel (Astro channel 615) this Aug 30 at 1pm. If this magical family sounds a tad familiar, that is because it is adapted from the award-winning Wizards of Waverly Place which premiered in the US in 2007 on the Disney Channel.

The Wizards of Warna Walk comprises an all-Malaysian cast playing the D’Cruz family – three wizard siblings named Amelia, Alissa and Aiden, father and former wizard Norman, and mother Jasmin.

The family runs a Peranakan kopitiam called Little Nyonyum, located in Kuala Lumpur.

As the siblings balance their lives as regular children in school and trainee wizards at home, they inevitably find themselves in a variety of hilarious, fun, and heart-warming situations.

Leading the cast is 13-year-old newcomer Emma Sofea who plays Amelia. This is Emma’s first television role and she was selected after an extensive search across the country.

Playing her siblings are Mia Sara, 19, as Alissa, and Idan Aeden, 15, as Aiden. The parents are comedian, producer and actor Afdlin Shauki as Norman, and actress-model Carmen Soo as Jasmin.

Popular personalities like actors Zalif Sadek and Fikhree Bakar, actress Vicha Barbie, and singer Zain Hamid will also be making cameo appearances on the show.

The series also features locally-composed music, including the theme song, There’s Magic Here, performed by popular local singer Daiyan Trisha.

The music video of the song as well as the series can be viewed across Disney Channel’s social media platforms.